Monday, May 14, 2012

Best Mothers Day Ever!

I really wanted to go camping this year so I told Mike for Mother's Day I wanted a tent.  He came through big time with a super nice North Face, multiple rooms, 8 person tent.  So excited to go camping now! :)  The girls also got some sleeping bags.   Mike also spoiled me with flowers, omelets, and a great singing Mickey card which I think Brooke enjoyed more than anyone.   Thanks Mike!

Catch-Up (a lot of random pics from past couple of months)

We went on a quick trip to Montana for spring break.  The girls both mastered the art of "2-wheeling :)"
A week before our Montana trip Mike did another half Ironman in Oceanside CA .  It makes for a perfect vacation---esp. if you don't have to actually do the race :)

Brookie actually enjoyed the sand this year

Pre-race smile

We spent a couple days in Disneyland and had a blast

And jumping back in time a couple months, these next 2 are from Makenzie's birthday.  

She had a wicked fun party at Chuck E. Cheese

And fast forwarding to March again.  Marcus and Arrin got married and the girls got to wear pretty white dresses and gold shoes.  Brooke still likes to wear her shoes to bed these days.

Mike had a birthday somewhere in all of this :)

Just a random going to church picture...maybe Easter.

And these are Annie's crazy party.   I seriously have never been more stressed in my life. 

Happy Birthday Annie!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Here's to frequent posting!

The girls had their little recital today.  I was very proud of my girls---and very proud of Mike for sitting through a recital.  There's nothing like a bunch of beginner violin and piano players to make you appreciate classical music!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We're back

It's been a long time since we've made any posts, so we wanted to try and get more active again.

And, wanted to test how this works.

Makenzie, is 7 now.

Annie just had a birthday and is 6.


And Brooke is 2 and is a crazy girl.